What we do at home: 5 simple activities that strengthen our love

Activities for couples at home

A lot of couples who have been together for years have difficulties in finding activities to do together at home. Especially during the unprecedented, pandemic situation such as now, where many couples have been forced to be with each other’s company for a long duration of time.

We are very fortunate that we both like staying in instead of going out. Being at home is, most of the time, our first choice since we are introverts. We do like spending time outside the house from time to time, but we probably don’t do it as much as everybody else. 

Living together and self-quarantining at the same time can pose a challenge. Sometimes we just don’t know how to spend quality time together because we see each other all the time. What we found was, we don’t have to wait for special occasions to do extraordinary things that can strengthen the relationship.

Couple activities we do at home


This activity can sound mundane, especially if we think of this as a chore. But we have to do it one way or another, so we might as well make it a fun thing to do! Instead of assigning the task to one person, we decided to do it together. In the beginning, we found it really hard to work together in the kitchen. We used to think that our way of doing things was better than our partner’s. But the more we do it, the better we are at dividing tasks and communicating with each other. We are enjoying it more and more! To start with, practice on making something that the two of you like.

Playing games

We love gaming! Either offline or online, we have tried many games to play together. Our favorites include Monopoly and strategy games such as Age of Empires. Sometimes when we’re feeling nostalgic, we will play old PC games. We love games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon or point-and-click games such as Indiana Jones or Day of the Tentacle. We don’t always play together or against each other; at times we would just sit in the same room and play on our own. We found that being in a competitive mode once in a while and trying to beat each other can be fun!

Taking a shower

We think that this is one of the most underrated things a couple can do together. Showering together is a great way to start or finish our day. During the short 10-minutes shower, we make time to talk about our day, tell our partner about how we feel at that particular moment, or simply make fun of each other and make our partner laugh. It is a great daily bonding exercise (and can lead to sexy time too!)

Giving each other massage

We love massage, and it is one of our favorite date activities. From a simple neck and shoulder treatment to a whole-body massage. Even when we watch movies together, we would give each other a 10-minute hand massage. Massage is also a great way to appreciate our partner and give them something to lift their mood.

When we want to have something special, we will try to recreate a spa experience at home which includes massage oil and scented candles. We have them at home because not only they are not expensive, but also they will help elevate the whole experience into something much more enjoyable for the two of us 🙂

Being alone together

Sometimes, we don’t have to do things together to bond. We just have to be with each other at the same place, doing our own thing. Knowing that our partner is with us the whole time can be very relaxing. When we need to take a break, we simply stop what we’re doing and give each other surprise hugs and kisses!

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