The best at home workout videos for beginners

Best at home exercise videos

Just like a lot of other people right now, we’ve been stuck at home for almost six months. It can be hard at times, but we are grateful that we are healthy and not lacking any basic needs. We have to admit that being indoors most of the time, looking at the same thing over and over again, can sometimes make us feel down. Even though we’re introverts who prefer to stay at home, it’s not all easy breezy. We also realized that we’re not super fit. We like to eat and drink unhealthy food. So, we try our best to stay healthy through exercise. Later, we want to share Jess’ favorite at-home workout videos for beginners that you can also do!


Some nights, we eat pizza in bed. I also like to indulge in cocktails or wine or rum once in a while. I do realize that I need to balance them out with proper exercise. Swimming is my exercise of choice, but because of the pandemic, we don’t do it as often. Now, I mostly do push ups. It’s not ideal, but I guess a little is better than nothing?

Best at home exercise videos


We can be super lazy and do nothing the whole weekend. Not even getting out of bed. But it’s not good for my back. I get neck and shoulder pain sometimes. Lower back pain, also. I feel old. Ever since I got together with Paul, I sort of let go and indulge myself even more. I stopped exercising, and I gained a lot of weight this past year. I know I need to do something about it. Not just because I gained weight, but more because my body starts betraying me with endless sore and restless sleep.

Last month, I started to do at-home exercises (YouTube to the rescue!). Nothing ambitious; my goal initially was to get my body to move. So I searched for beginner-friendly workout videos, tried them one by one, and compiled those I like in a list.

Check out the at-home workout videos playlist here:

I found these videos encouraging. I’ve been trying to exercise every day since last month, for 30 minutes a day. It’s not that hard if you break it down: 15 minutes for stretching and warming up; 10 minutes for doing cardio, and another 5 for cooling down. 

I’m already happy if I can do it consistently because some days can be really hard. I have to force myself to put on my sportswear and get going!

Best at home exercise videos

What Jess loves about the exercise videos

They’re bearable.

For real. I’m not saying it’s super easy, but it’s definitely beginner-friendly. I’ve tried other videos that say “for beginners” in their title, but I’m not sure which beginners they mean, because I could barely breathe after 5 minutes. They keep me motivated to stay committed because I don’t get awful muscle sore the next day.

No equipment needed.

I don’t have any tools at home. It’s just me and my sports bra and leggings.

Not a lot of jumping around.

Some exercise tutorials require you to do a lot of jumping. For a (lazy) beginner like me, it’s demotivating. At the end of the day, I want to feel good by exercising, not feeling stressed out about it.

When I feel like I’m ready, I will try something more challenging. But for now, these are perfect for me! What about you? Would you try it?

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