Our favorite playlist: Best Eurodance hit songs

Music playlist best Eurodance songs

Do you have that go-to songs that you constantly play when you’re working or studying? We want to share you one of our favorites: the best Eurodance playlist for work!

A little background

Among the things that we can’t live without, just like a lot of other people, is music! We have different playlists for work, traveling, road trips, and more. We also love to discover new genres and musicians.

Let us tell you one secret: Paul is somewhat a music geek 😛 He enjoys different types of genres, from heavy metal to jazz to house music. Paul had spent most of his early teenage life learning and hoarding random songs from all around the internet (Napster throwback!).

We are also going to create more playlists on our YouTube Channel, so feel free to subscribe 😀 Without further ado, here is our playlist with the best Eurodance songs from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s.

Let us know what music you like, and we hope you enjoy the playlist as much as we do!

Check out the Eurodance playlist here:

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