Our experience meeting each other through a dating app

Our experience with online dating

Our journey began at the end of March 2019. Just like a lot of other millennials and people from the internet generations, we met through everyone’s favorite dating app, Tinder. Yes, it does sound cliché, but there was a slim chance that we would have met otherwise. Online dating is something that we both have good and bad experiences with, and we did it for quite some time.

Even though Tinder has a bad rep as a hookup app, we don’t want to hide the fact that we met through the app. If people ask how we met, we will tell them as it is. At some point in our lives before we met each other, we used Tinder for that specific goal. We really think there is absolutely nothing wrong with using Tinder as a hookup channel, but we are somewhat glad that we don’t have to use it anymore.

The first impression

We swiped and matched one day, but we were not texting each other right away. When we finally did, we couldn’t put our phone down. 

Our experience with online dating

I was single for the longest time and had been using a few different dating apps for a while. Right before I met Paul, I told myself I was going to delete Tinder. It brought me nothing but stress, and it sucked my whole life into this non-stop swiping addiction. Good thing I didn’t delete the app before I met him.

What I remembered from his profile was that his photos weren’t all that good. It consisted of a few blurry images of him in t-shirts. One thing that made me swipe right was his profile. He said: I hate dogs. What kind of person hates dogs? So I thought, I’m going to talk to this person and demand an explanation!

Our experience with online dating

I had been using the app since I moved to Asia, mostly for fun. I had never had the intention of finding the one or whatever. One time I was in this city for a visa run. I was there for a few days, and I had my Tinder on as usual. When I swiped, Jessica didn’t even have a bio on her profile. I was awestruck by her legs, though (I know, I’m shallow like that). 

It was her who opened up the conversation, and she called me an anarchist for hating dogs. She also said that she used to be a nihilist. It was past midnight, and before we realized it, we were texting until about 4 am before we both agreed that we needed to go to sleep.

The text conversation

Since the beginning, everything felt like a breeze. It was easy to talk to each other. We just clicked.


From the beginning, our sense of humor just matched. I’m more of a cynic, so I do a lot of sarcasm, and he just got it. You do know how hard it is to try to crack a joke with someone you just met, let alone doing it over text? But I guess, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


She’s sarcastic, haha. Aside from that, we just agreed to a lot of things. Even though we came from a totally different upbringing, raised in different parts of the world, we had no problem talking about different topics and agreed on them. It is pretty amazing if you think about it.

The meeting

This is going to sound like a serendipitous rom-com scene, but trust us, it’s the truth.


The texting was fun, but the situation was, I had to fly to another city the next day. So I thought, whatever, it’s not like we’re going to meet so no need to bother asking or planning to meet. I told her that I’d be flying to another city in the evening the next day. To my surprise, she said that she would also be flying there tomorrow because she lived there!


It’d be funny if we flew together on the same airplane. But no. Different airlines, different schedules. But both were only hours apart. Up until we both arrived in the second city, he didn’t bother asking if we should meet up, which I found a bit annoying, because why wouldn’t he want that? I was sure he was as interested in me as I was in him.


I wanted to meet with her, but there were a few factors at play; I had to switch hotels a few times, because they sucked (thin walls, cockroaches,) and I was attempting to meet with a friend on the island. This kept me in limbo for a day or two.


The next day, I texted him again. Just the usual, hello, how is it going with you, and then he started complaining about the hotel he stayed at, and how everything sucked. I was sort of obligated to give him a few recommendations because I’m just nice like that. After a few hours of texting back and forth, at one point I was just, whatever, I would ask him out. So I asked him, and he said, yeah, let’s do that. Finally!

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