How to express your feelings to your loved ones

How to express your feelings

When you care about someone, the best thing would be when that he or she reciprocates your feelings. To love and be loved, they say, is the greatest feeling one can get. But telling someone how you feel is not always easy. For some, the risk of being ignored or rejected might deter them to say how they feel. 

Each of us has our own way of expressing our feelings. Some of us can be frank and direct; laying everything out in the open easily. Some others need to feel they’re in a safe and secure environment before even conveying one tiny bit of emotion. 

So, what are the ways to express your feelings to someone that you love?

“My only consolation when I am really sad is to love and to be loved.”

marcel proust

Express your feelings through writing

Eventually, if we want to build a lasting, healthy relationship, we have to find a way to convey our feelings constructively. And if it’s for someone that is important for you, it’s not enough just to get the message across, you have to make sure that the way you communicate can accentuate the meaning. A good message that is delivered in a bad manner can make people misunderstand your intention.

Writing is one of the ways to help you communicate in a non-intrusive yet meaningful way. Not only because you can plan things ahead by reviewing and editing your message, but also because you can have something to keep as a memento.

There are a few forms of writing you can do, from letters and poems to texts and memes. It can be funny or romantic depending on your personality.

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