Hello and goodbye: our long distance relationship trial

Long Distance Relationships

Three weeks went by quickly. Before we knew it, we had to part ways. At that point, we didn’t know if the relationship would work, and we had to decide if we wanted to enter a long distance relationship or not.


At  the beginning of the relationship, I thought three weeks was a long time. But when it arrived, I didn’t want to leave. My free 30-day visa on arrival arrangement was almost up, so I had to leave the country. Jess had also needed to leave; she had this big trip to Europe coming up. 

We talked about the possibility of still having a relationship where we had to be separated for at least one month, then we promised each other we would meet again after that. I had undergone a long-distance relationship before. It sucked, but doable. Jess, on the other hand, was very skeptical about it. She said she had never had a long-distance relationship before, and she didn’t believe in it.


About six months before I met Paul, I had arranged this month-long holiday to Southern Europe. I found a cheap return ticket, and I had the time to travel. I love Europe, and in May, all the tourist spots wouldn’t be too packed yet. So I had made hotels and flight bookings which I couldn’t cancel.

Paul told me that he would understand if, during my trip, I would meet people and had flings. I told him I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it. To be honest, my initial plan for the trip was to meet guys. But when I planned it, Paul was not in the equation. I thought I would travel as a single girl. 

Yes, I don’t believe in long-distance relationships. But I wanted to be with Paul so I guess I would at least try.

Entering the long-distance relationship

We said goodbye at the airport. It was bittersweet because it was going to be a while before we would see each other again. If we could see each other again. There would also be a 6-hour time difference between us, therefore communications would be a challenge. Other than that, we both didn’t know what to expect.


We still texted and called each other every single day. It was hard not to. But I had never experienced this before, and it was tormenting. A lot of things would remind me of Paul, and a few times I wished I didn’t go.


I think it was about a week or ten days after we had not seen each other. Jess had been fussing and whining about how much she missed me. I missed her a lot, too, but we were at least 10,000 kilometers apart. That one night she finally asked me, why didn’t I fly and join her here. I thought, why the heck not. I could work from anywhere so it wouldn’t be a problem.

So that night, I booked a ticket, and I flew out to her the next morning. So much for our long-distance plan—it only lasted for ten days :p

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