A much needed short getaway to a remote beach: our mini holiday

Our short getaway to a remote beach

Heyho love birds, how is it going? We just got back from a weekend trip to the north of the island!

This trip was definitely much needed. Since the pandemic started, we had been stuck in the same place for months: working, eating, sleeping, repeat. We didn’t realize that we needed to actually get out and get some fresh air. After having been indoors awhile we started to have a few fights; small things, here and there. At another time we simply didn’t want to do anything other than lazing in bed. It wasn’t at all healthy.

Our short getaway to a remote beach
No reason but we just love this plant and the pot


I am that type of person who is perfectly fine being holed up indoors for a long time. I do realize it’s not good—both for my physical and mental health—and I’m glad Jess pushed me to do this trip.


We both like just staying at home. We’re homebodies. But I told Paul that if we didn’t force ourselves to go, we might not have another chance to. I’m glad we did take that trip because it was so relaxing just to be someplace else other than home.

It took about 3 hours of driving (fortunately, not us) to get to the north part of the island. The route was scenic, although the quality of the road was below the standard of the main part of the island.

There was really nothing in the north except for the resorts and the beach. We couldn’t go out partying at night, or going to a bar. But that’s the exact reason why we chose the place: a) we haven’t been to that part of the island, and b) we just want to chill and relax.

Our short getaway to a remote beach
The view from our room

What we did during the trip

Nothing. We told ourselves that we want to do nothing. Absolutely no work zone. We got up early (very unlike us, really), had a short walk, breakfast, then lounging by the pool. Lunch and then back at the pool. Watched Star Trek at night. Have sex in between.

Our short getaway to a remote beach
Our (almost) private pool

What a life.

Our short getaway to a remote beach
Dipping pool in our balcony

The good thing about the place was that it was so quiet and empty (good for us, not so good for the resort). We chatted a bit with the staff, and he said that the resort is the busiest place in the area. Most of the locals were fishermen who usually sold their catch to the local businesses. But business has been slow lately, so if they can’t sell them, they’ll cook and eat them.

Our short getaway to a remote beach
The fishermen’s parking lot

The final result

We feel like a new person again! We definitely should do this again sometime soon 🙂

Our short getaway to a remote beach
Paul was chillin’ in the pool

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